Fitness, Wellness and Adventure Holiday

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Fitness and Wellness Adventure Holiday

The aim of this holiday is to help you take some time out for your health and wellbeing while at the same time enjoying nature.

Holiday Highlights (day trips)

  • Spend your day hiking on Mt. Kenya through a paved track that cuts through a beautiful natural forest and feel rejuvenated and relaxed
  • View the Africa’s Big Five Wildlife Safari in Ol Pejeta Conservancy
  • Explore the Mau Mau Caves in Mt. Kenya forest and learn about the rich history of Kenya’s struggle for independence that was championed by the Mau Mau guerilla fighters.
  • Enjoy watching rhinos from a close range in Solio Rhino sanctuary
  • Spend your day exploring and taking photos in Aberdare National Park. This is a natural and beautiful mountainous dense forest which also has rich flora and fauna. The scenery is spectacular and there are chances of spotting rare species such as the giant forest hog and the black leopard.
  • Excellent forest hiking and awesome canopy walking opportunity in Ngare Ndare forest

Brief Itinerary

Day 1:  Mt. Kenya hiking, Sirimon Route

Day 2:   Morning Session: early morning cross country run/walk, outdoor physical fitness activities

Afternoon Session: Wildlife Tour: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Day 3: Mt. Kenya hiking, Naro Moru Route

Day 4: Morning Session:  early morning cross country run/walk, outdoor physical fitness activities/games

Afternoon Session: Cave Exploration: Mau Mau Caves in Mt. Kenya Forest

Day 5:  Countryside cycling Tour

Day 6:  Wildlife and Nature Photo Tour: Aberdare National Park

Day 7:  Morning Session: early morning countryside walk/run, outdoor physical fitness activities/games

            Afternoon Session:  Visit Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

Day 8:  Forest hiking and canopy walk: Ngare Ndare Forest

Day 9:  Countryside cycling Tour

Day 10: Morning Session: Rhino watching:  Solio Rhino Sanctuary

Afternoon Session: Optional Activities- horse riding, nature walk, birding, swimming

Detailed Itinerary: This will be made available on request